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Umimplavat.cz is a swimming analysis company that provides race and technical analyses, along with general biomechanical support in high-performance swimming. Umimplavat.cz works with the Austrian and Czech Swimming Federations.

An Easy Feedback Tool for Daily Swimming Practice

“The Dartfish mobile app: myDartfish Express serves as an ideal tool for instant feedback, both for our team of analysts and the coaches themselves,” remarks Marek Polach, who is responsible for analyzing the Austrian Swimming Team, assisting Daniel Wartner, Head Coach of the National Junior Swimming Team.

Comparison modes, drawing tools, and external stopwatches provide all the essential quick tools for immediate on-site consultation during daily practice, analytical training camps, and competition warm-ups.

Dartfish solutions perfectly fit into the process of biomechanical analysis in high-performance swimming.
Dan Thiel, Umimplavat.cz Founder

Individual Swimmer Technical Analysis

Aligned with Umimplavat.cz philosophy, swimming analysis encompasses not only one area, but rather a complexity of several different areas that combine to provide full insight into an athlete’s performance. One such component is the individual technique analysis, which is closely linked to the outcome of race analysis.

Identifying the key race sections where a swimmer is either losing or gaining compared to others, is an important prerequisite for future in-depth focus on those aspects for each athlete individually and repeatedly.

Swim Competition and Race Analysis

Competiton analysis represents the major part of the team services.

A combination of the video with corresponding parameters in each section of the race yields essential insight, crucial for a detailed understanding of athletes’ performance during each competition. For those purposes, data table functions combined with Dartfish Tagging could be easily used as a manual analysis tool. Both methods ensure high accuracy and offer data export capabilities for potential in-depth analysis.

The Austrian Swimming Federation, through a combination of videos, reports, and consultations, is using race analysis data to help coaches optimize training schedules and plan more effective race strategies for its athletes.

Furthermore, myDartfish Pro S now supports PowerBI visualizations, serving as an external tool for our data platforms.

The difference between swimmers at major competitions is often incredibly close, so it is necessary to use the technology to split up the race into different sections and subsequently study each detail of swimming movement in these sections.
Marek Polach – Austrian Swimming Federation Swim Performance Analyst

Data Visualization From External Devices

Another crucial feature of Dartfish Solutions is its user-friendly capability to link external data files to the video, incorporating data from sensors, velocity meters, force meters, tensometric platforms, heart rate monitors, and more.

External data mixed with the video, enables our team to establish connections between race analysis and more specific individual technical analysis, such as intracyclic velocity/force analysis.

Furthermore, the recently approved World Aquatics rule now permits the use of sensors for automatic data collection during competitions. This opens up future possibilities to seamlessly integrate sensor data with video, offering coaches a more relevant and wider specter of information, (similarly as used in skiing, cycling, or football).

Future Potential for Auto-Object Tracking

In its latest features, Dartfish introduces a solution for automatic or semi-automatic object tracking, applicable to both moving and static/fixed cameras: Dartfish Computer Vision.

While this functionality is primarily designed for team sports like soccer or hockey, we foresee potential future developments also in individual sports, including swimming.

Indeed, in swimming, where the pool is a clearly defined area (similar to a football pitch), we anticipate that these tracking tools, in combination with some specific AI algorithms, could soon be used in the field of competitive swimming.

Educating Swimmers and Coaches

Besides swimming analysis, the Umimplavat.cz team also aims to educate coaches and swimmers on these topics:

Dartfish covers all the aforementioned requirements, making it the ideal solution for our support team and our coaches.
Walter Bär, the Head Performance Director of the Austrian Swimming Federation (OSV)

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