Revolutionizing ice hockey analytics, KINEXON Sports and Dartfish join forces, merging cutting-edge player and puck tracking technologies. This groundbreaking collaboration promises unparalleled insights, empowering coaches, analysts, and fans with unprecedented visibility into every aspect of the game.

KINEXON Sports, a leader in innovative sports tracking solutions, and Dartfish, a pioneer in optical-based AI-based sports tracking and analytics, proudly unveil an unprecedented collaboration aimed at transforming the landscape of ice hockey analytics. This collaboration marks a significant milestone in sports technology, as the two industry leaders join forces to introduce a groundbreaking service that merges the precision of KINEXON Sports’ LPS sensor player technology with the advanced optical-based puck tracking capabilities of Dartfish.

Combining KINEXON Sports’ state-of-the-art LPS (Local Positioning System) sensor technology with Dartfish’s AI-driven puck tracking and analytics platform, the new service offers unparalleled insights into ice hockey player performance and game dynamics. By seamlessly integrating KINEXON Sports’ player tracking capabilities with Dartfish’s puck tracking technology, coaches, analysts, and fans alike will gain unprecedented visibility into ever aspect of the game.

“We are thrilled to announce our collaboration with Dartfish, which represents a true fusion of expertise and innovation in the world of sports technology. The seamless integration of KINEXON UWB-based player tracking data and Dartfish optical-based tracking offers the best of both worlds, enabling a reliable solution for player and puck tracking. We aim at revolutionizing the way ice hockey is tracked, analyzed, and experienced.”
Maximilian Schmidt, Co-Founder and Managing Director of KINEXON Sports

The integration of KINEXON Sports’ LPS sensor technology enables real-time, high-precision tracking of ice hockey players with unparalleled accuracy and reliability. Combined with Dartfish’s AI-driven puck tracking technology, which utilizes advanced algorithms to analyze puck movement and player interactions, the collaboration offers a comprehensive solution for understanding the intricacies of every play, shot, and strategy on the ice. Through an advanced sensor fusion approach that combines Ultra-Wideband (UWB) and optical tracking, this partnership delivers the first fully automated ice hockey tracking solution. This innovation allows for a level of analysis previously unattainable, providing teams and analysts with sophisticated performance insights.

“Our partnership with KINEXON Sports represents a significant advancement in the field of sports analytics. By combining our AI expertise with KINEXON Sports’ best-in-class sensor technology, we are empowering teams, coaches, and fans with deeper insights and actionable intelligence that can drive performance and enhance the overall ice hockey experience.”
Jean Sébastien Mérieux, CEO of Dartfish

Quirin Söhnlein, Head of Performance for Lausanne Hockey Group, who uses both KINEXON Sports and Dartfish technology, added,

“Having the ability to track both the players and how they’re handling the puck on the ice has benefited our club immensely. We’re able to analyze the game the moment they hit the ice, and the data continues to fuel our coaching staff with more insights to make strategic decisions.”
Quirin Söhnlein, Head of Performance for Lausanne Hockey Group

The new service will provide ice hockey teams and leagues with a comprehensive suite of tools and analytics designed to optimize player performance, enhance tactical strategies, and elevate the fan experience. From real-time player tracking and performance metrics to engaging content enhancements, the collaboration between KINEXON Sports and Dartfish promises to redefine the future of ice hockey analytics and entertainment.


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