Since Dartfish received Fifa certification for the VAR System, things greatly accelerated!

The Campeonato Goiano Championship

The Goianão (Campeonato Goiano Championship), is the state championship for professional football in the Brazilian state of Goiás. It’s organized by the Federação Goiana de Futebol (FGF) and It is considered one of the more competitive state championships, alongside others like Gaucho and Mineiro.

It was the first time, the Dartfish VAR System had been used in a major Brazilian football competition and it successfully demonstrated its efficiency and reliability during the tournament in February 2024.

And soccer is not the only sport where Dartfish Video Replay excels!

VAR System Helps Handball Referees Make Accurate Decisions on the Pitch

As handball is becoming an increasingly fast and technical sport, Video Replay (VR) has become critical. It minimizes referee errors in key moments, enhancing transparency, and ensuring fairness without hindering match flow.

One month after Dartfish covered the IHF Women’s Handball World Championship in Denmark at the beginning of December 2023, the Dartfish VAR System was engaged at the occasion at the 26th African Cup of Nations in Egypt.

Our dedicated on-site teams delivered flawless visuals throughout all 112 Scandinavian and 12 finals Egyptian handball matches, empowering officials to make accurate Video Replay calls.


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