With the myDartfish Express: Coach app, you can quickly analyze a few indicators on your phone or tablet. The app is handy to give athletes immediate feedback on their performance during training sessions.

Evaluate track and field athletes' performance with myDartfish Express: Coach App
High jump video analysis with dartfish

Slow-motion, zoom, or frame-by-frame replay allows us to see the athlete’s movement in detail. This is very useful for giving immediate feedback to our athlete, right after a performance.

The myDartfish 360 computer solution allows coaches to go further with indicator analysis.

Knee position is essential during the set. It allows the sprinter to reach greater propulsion on the rear block during the sprint start.

Split screen comparison with Dartfish

Comparing two performances in split-screen allows highlighting of improvement. In this example, we can see how this runner, has improved her angle, after a training session with Pose Method®.


Oliver Curdy
Sports Performance Consultant | Sport Technology Evangelist at Dartfish

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