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The Entente Sportive Besançon Féminine (ESBF) has been using Dartfish video analysis solutions for several seasons to evaluate their own performance and that of their opponents on the field.

In this interview, Fabien Vidal, the team’s video analyst, explains in detail how the team uses video:

  • During training to consolidate the instructions given during the preparation meetings;
  • At halftime to adapt the strategy during the match; and
  • During the review to show what worked well and what worked less well.

Playing in Division 1 of the French championship, the players are now used to interacting with the big screen that follows them from the meeting room, to the pitch, and even to the locker room!

Video Sessions to Understand Opponents’ Playing Styles, Formations, and Tendencies

To prepare for the next game, the players are invited to participate in several video sessions to go deeper into several points of their strategy.

The video allows the coaches to make players better understand the job they are waiting for on the field. The team’s and their opponents’ specific actions during the last games are reviewed to help players understand the next game challenge.

As a center back, I need to know the opposite defense I will have against me and the strength and weakness of each player.
Alisée Frécon-Demouge
Video analysis in handball

Interactive Training Sessions

The team coaches also organize specific training sessions during game week to put the video recommendations, viewed during the video session, into practice.

Specific offensive or defensive actions are played and replayed on a half field, assisted with the video.

With his smartphone, Fabien captures the game directly from the field and live tags the events discussed with the coaches with myDartfish Live S.

Anytime during the session, the coach or the players can ask to review a sequence on the big screen installed on the field.

After each training session, Fabien posts the most important video sequences online and thus makes them available for later consultation by the team.

Interactive video sessions in handball thanks to video analyis

Adaptation of Tactics and Placements for the Second Half

The coach and the analyst work closely together during the game. Fabien receives instructions from the coach about the defense and attack parts he wants to review at halftime.

The analyst creates a short playlist of events based on the coach’s needs during the first period, which can easily be viewed on the big screen in the locker room during halftime.

Viewing how players shoot and what corner they prefer helps me as a goalkeeper to more easily recognize a pattern and be more effective in the goal.
Sakura Hauge

To Go Further

Video: Discover Dartfish video analysis solutions for handball team and player development.

At this end of this webinar you will:
• Understand the theoretical component required to plan a Team Sport Analysis,
• Have the knowledge required to design your own analysis for team sport.

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