Monday, August 22, 2022 – myDartfish Express, the most used mobile app for sports performance video analysis, launches a new and significant feature for this new season.

Record voice or text notes of your video analysis to quickly enrich the assessment.

Imagine discussing performance with an athlete, client, or patient using video to illustrate your explanation. Now imagine recording that conversation.
This is what our new Analysis Recorder feature does. It records your screen and your voice.

Add drawings and/or still shots to highlight the points of improvement. Quickly build a recording you can share with anyone for remote coaching or individual assessment after training or session.

The proven sports performance analysis app for coaches, athletes, and healthcare practitioners

myDartfish Express, the Tabby Award-winning mobile app in the sports & fitness category, now has an advanced range of functionalities that help coaches and healthcare practitioners to analyze their athletes’ performance:

• video sequence acquisition from multiple sources and formats
• comprehensive playback controls to closely analyze movement or technique
• advanced analytic tools to make it easy to understand the progress of improvement
• a full storage and sharing environment to stay in touch remotely or in-person with your athletes, patients or clients.

“With the new voice-over recording, coaches can benefit now from the most effective way to provide meaningful feedback to athletes, so they can make rapid improvements.”
— Jean-Sebastien Mérieux, CEO of Dartfish

Pricing and Availability

• myDartfish Express is available ot the Apple Store, Google Play Store, or website.
• You can try the mobile app for free for 15 days. You may end your trial or subscription at any time.
• MyDartfish Express is a one-year auto-renewable subscription, billed $ 80 annually (pricing in other countries may vary).

This Press release is also available in pdf


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