For more than 20 years, Dartfish has worked closely with international sports organizations to develop advanced technologies for improved sports performance.

Countless Olympic medalists, professional athletes, international sports federations, and clubs worldwide, use these technologies daily.

Consider 10 Reasons Dartfish Is Valuable to Your Sports Organization

1. Work together, wherever you are.

Analyze your athletes’ performance remotely and efficiently at the other end of the track or clear across the country. Tag in real-time with a video stream; then share your insights with your team, consolidating all your work on Dartfish TV. Access all the Dartfish working tools your federation needs.

2. Evaluate team decision-making with automated data and video analysis in real-time.

Based on computing vision, artificial intelligence, and the latest tech innovations, the Dartfish player and puck tracking solutions, provide your fans, teams, and coaches, comprehensive and precise information in real-time. The computer vision involves offloading coach workload by automatically generating all objective data (score, time on ice, player on ice…). This data is then merged with the video to generate an enriched report. The coach simply tags key selected moments.

3. Get the best value-for-your-money solution for performance analysis.

Dartfish is a world renown and tested video analysis solution, a compelling and proven fit for sports organizations like yours, helping you develop performance research and analysis. Thanks to an agile organization and a strong and historic experience in sports analysis, Dartfish can propose end-to-end solutions – affordably.

4. Integrate seamlessly with your other analytical tools

Dartfish is an open system, tested, and used by numerous organizations, perfectly integrated and customized for their workflow. Stats, Opta, InStat, Fiba,…are just some examples of third-party apps that interact with Dartfish solutions.

5. Make efficient real-time decisions by analyzing game key events as it happens.

As a coach, in critical moments during a game, you’ve got to make quick decisions. In those moments, capturing the match’s key moments in real-time is an absolute competitive advantage. Dartfish Live Collaboration provides a live tagged video stream with complete time-shift functions for the assistant coach on the bench, who can adapt the game strategy – live.

6. Help the whole team reach their goals, thanks to a customized and efficient workflow.

Share collaborative sessions with analysts and coaches during the game, to simultaneously tag all match events. Create more interaction between the coaching staff and players, sharing interactive reports and presentations on a single platform. Increase your advantage further by automatically generating all objective data (score, time on ice, player on ice…)

7. Get an overall picture of the game.

By combining multi-camera recording and instant replay, judges, coaches, and referees have the opportunity to review games from multiple angles, in slow-motion or replays. Without interrupting the match, they can thoroughly observe and make accurate decisions.

8. Find game key moments fast, only focusing on what’s important.

Make the most of your content by adding replays, relevant statistics, 3D or 2D graphics, multi-camera angles…Dartfish advanced filters and custom playlists allow analysts, assistants, and coaches to work more efficiently, only focusing on what matters. Visualize instantly the key actions you’ve identified, so your coaching team can develop highly competitive strategies.

9. Track progress of individual skill development.

Individual videos help your players identify areas requiring attention, while also reinforcing peak performance. Building a library of individual videos, helps players track and review both their strengths and areas that need work. This type of feedback can serve to motivate players, who can see for themselves the progress they’re making over time.

10. Demand performance – Surround yourself with the best

Dartfish is a major and recognized player in the international sports world for 20 years. More than 240’000 of world teams and athletes trust Dartfish to drive their performance. Moreover, many international sports organizations work with us to design and deploy efficient tracking systems.


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